Our history, our skills, our success on the market

Working iron is an art. Surely one of the older ones if it is true that create objects and iron tools dating back to 1400 BC. In Sicily the art of striking while the iron is very old, and after 1693 he met, certainly, its peak.

Great masters, skilled craftsmen have made this an art craft, recognized and appreciated even today in many architectural relics were among the treasures of art most known and appreciated.

The man has passed, over the centuries, from bronze to iron, then aluminum, all metals which have gradually adapted to the needs of man to improve his life, social status, aesthetics and increase the good taste.

In this process huge development in the use of metals, engages in the late '60s the initiative of Antonino Monopoli, the first of a generation of craftsmen that over time has accumulated achievements and successes.

The process was long and fascinating, and now that the promoter has passed on to his children, the story continues. Not only iron, but precisely aluminum, steel, wood and aluminum for all applications in construction and renovations in the first place.

The company, called Infissi Monopoli snc, which is passed down from father to son, maintains, in time, the standards of quality, reliability, punctuality and professionalism by continuing to collect the fruits of tough and serious work developed over many years of activity in Italy and even abroad.

The wrought iron has remained the flagship of the workings of prestige, a market niche for connoisseurs and major construction projects.

As to working wrought iron have been joined by the work processes relating to aluminum frames and those in aluminum and wood and the great achievements steel.

A wide range of rigorous, crafts made with sophisticated equipment and precision using raw materials of great quality thanks to a network of prestigious national and foreign partners.